Cloud solutions

A multinational company has some some needs to harmonize it's processes. A cloud solution as provided by Successfactors or Workday is a fast starting point to have a global HR system available.
The key point in bringing in a cloud based software solution is that only best practice processes can be implemented. In some areas the limited customization of the cloud products restricts the company to best in class processes and is preventing the branches to implement exotic solutions. To help in finding the best way forward a certified consultant, like myself, is of big help.

My Philosophy

The employees of a company know what is needed, what is requested and where the obstacle to overcome is. Therefore I'm building project teams mainly with employees and where the knowledge is missing or not available, with external specialists. Daniel Hasenfratz is the prime contact from the initial dialog through all phases of the project. That will reduce the coordination effort. This approach has advantages because of its success.


  • High quality
  • Lean structures
  • Infective procedures reduced
  • Issue can be solved before it gets big
  • Employees have the knowledge which remains in the company
  • Same contact person for the whole project period
  • Support from the beginning to the end of projects
  • Employees are involved in the project and that helps to overcome resistance
  • Ongoing supervision after the project end if needed

I assist you to keep track!

This overview gives you some indication which global HCM system is the most suitable one for your organisation. To select the best option for your needs a feasibility study is needed. For an in-depth analysis tailored to your company, please contact me. 

AreaSuccessfactorsWorkdaySAP HCM
Master Dataglobalglobalglobal
Payrollmany countriesintegrates with any third-party payroll software many countries
Time Managementavailable and for complex situations: time and attendance management by WorkForce For simple time trackingcomplex shift planning
Learning and Developmentavailableavailableavailable
Succession Planning availableavailablenot user friendly
Performanceavailableavailablenot user friendly
Compensationavailableavailablenot user friendly
Workforce Planningavailableavailableavailable
Cloud solutionYesYesNo

Influencing Factors of Human Resource Management to Corporate Strategy: 

An Analysis of the Influencing Factors of Human Resource Management (HRM) that Contribute to the Corporate Strategy Development
is written by Daniel Hasenfratz. It guides through identifying HR factors and helps to use the identified factors in the strategy definition process.

To understand the contribution of HRM in the company's corporate strategy design process, it is essential to have a clear view of the influencing factors. That might lead to the required acceptance of HRM as an equal business partner in top management and subsequently improve shape and implementation of the strategy.

This book looks for the influencing factors of HRM. It highlights the HRM aspects for the process of corporate strategy development.

An influencing factor is a factor which has impact on the corporate strategy development. The effect from an influencing factor is not instantly measurable. It takes time to measure the influencing factors.

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(New edition with lower price!) Influencing Factors of Human Resource Management to Corporate Strategy

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Informative Videos

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Zusammengeführte Strukturen neu trennen

Was kann gemacht werden wenn die Fusion nicht erfolgreich war. Wie eine Defusion gemacht werden kann


Erfolgreicher Firmenzusammenschluss oder Flop?

Was kann die Personalabteilung und mit ihr die Firma alles falsch machen bei einem Firmenzusammenschluss? Leider sehr viel, wie die Praxis immer wieder zeigt. Hier sind einige Tipps und Hilfestellungen für eine erfolgreiche Integrierung verschiedener Firmenkulturen in das neu zu formende Unternehmen. Gerade auf den HR-Abteilungen lastet oft der Ruf eher bürokratisch und nicht immer sehr flexibel zu sein. Doch mit der richtigen Einstellung ändert sich dieses Bild sehr positiv. So kann der anstehende Arbeitsaufwand auch termingerecht und bedarfsgerecht gemeistert werden.


Der neue Beruf: Defusionierer (Demerger)

Erwähnung als Beratungsunternehmen in der Handelszeitung Nr. 17 vom 24.4.2002 auf Seite 19


Projects are always unique to the individual needs. Many years of experience in project management helps me to look after them competently. No project is like the other, but there are similarities and guidelines that must be adhered to.

The path to project success can be long and sometimes hard as well!

Many years of project experience has shown that a partial view and inconsequent implementation does not provide the best results. It takes a holistic approach to get successful solutions. When it comes to an integrated view of the company's strategy to HCM process implementation, I'm the ideal partner.

Global HR Systems 

A global HR System has many advantages. Via data reporting the whole worldwide population can be included and the relevant management ratios can be determined. The often cumbersome way of data aggregation is invalid.


  •  Automated management ratios 
  • Global HR processes can be implemented with system support
  • Manager Self-Service (MSS) 
  • Employee Self-Service (ESS)
  • Global talent management
  • Global training catalogue
  • Booking of participants globally
  • E-Learning can be rolled out world wide
  • Qualification capture and tracking
  • Succession planing without country boarders
  • Global HR service center feasible

There is no light without shadow. Therefore, there are also some disadvantages. These are on a global HR system on both technical and administrative sides.

The service window for a global system is very small, because of the time difference. Someone on the globe is always working. The payroll is country depended. This means that the system must always be kept up to date for all relevant countries. This can lead to increased upgrade/update costs.

This is only a small extract of what must be considered in global systems. The hasenfratz consulting has accompanied many global processes and global HR systems in the definition and implementation phases.

Global HR Processes

Global HR Processes: In an international corporation similar or same processes are implemented differently over years or even decades. This leads to an accumulation of not harmonized processes within the corporation. There are negative side effects on a global view


  • No global key figures available without manual consolidation.
  •  Processes like succession planning, education, performance management, etc. are only available on a local level. No global view at all.

That leads to a huge administrative effort which is cost-intensive.

Room for improvement:

  • Harmonized processes lead to a better acceptance and are an efficient method to deploy the existing resources to reach the defined goal.
  • Cost savings are a most welcome side effect.

Every corporation has its own set of HR processes which can be globalized. For these processes a common ground is essential within the corporation to establish these processes properly.   

Possible global HR processes:

  • Headcount
  • Performance management
  • Training
  • E-recruiting
  • Succession management
  • High potentials
  • etc.

Depending on the requirements it can be meaningful to assist these processes with a global HCM system. 

Global HCM System Overview